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  • Google AdSense said, NO!

    Google AdSense said, NO!

    I received an email with the subject: You need to fix some issues before your site is ready for AdSense The email goes on to say, “The team has reviewed it but unfortunately your site isn’t ready to show ads at this time. There are some issues which need fixing before your site is ready […]

  • Simple Favicon.ico with PhotoShop

    So I just set up a new website this morning (oh, this website), and I wanted a custom favicon. It took 30 seconds to make and I thought I would share. What is a favicon? Wikipedia will be happy to explain. Thirty seconds? Yep.1) Find the image (I took a screen capture of my Google […]

  • Forcing SSL on a Domain IIS

    I’ve been faced with this issue a few times. I simply want to force all traffic to the secure socket layer of my domain instead of the unencrypted side of things. Keep in mind that I’m a ASP classic kind of guy so I tend to think things the Microsoft way. I want all requests […]