YARDEC Solar Animal Repellent Does Not Work

I set up this device that has a motion sensor and it screams and flashes to supposedly chase away “critters.” I also set up a trail camera to capture the creatures running away from the device… instead, I got footage of them ignoring the thing.

We have a problem here in Florida, okay, there are a few problems like hurricanes, alligators, and mosquitos. I’m not talking about those problems, I’m talking about Florida Black Bears getting into the dumpster at my restaurant. Turns out, I have a cat, opossum, and fox problem here too.

It’s been a chronic issue since we opened the restaurant and one that I hoped to have solved with the “YARDEC Solar Animal Repellent Outdoor with Drill Bit – Waterproof Motion Activated Ultrasonic Animal Repeller with LED Flashing Light to Repel Deer, Rabbit, Squirrel, Skunk, Cat, Raccoon, Dog, etc.” I found at Amazon… no as you will see.

I got “beared*” and then the cats, opossums, and even a fox had no trouble tolerating the Yardec Solar Animal Repellent.

The proof is in the footage! You can see the lights flashing and the animals all ignoring the devices’ efforts to repel them.

It’s a fail and I will be requesting a return.
–>As always, Amazon made the return process a breeze

*Beared is a term I use when visited by said beasty resulting in damage or garbage attack.

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