White Noise – Black Screen – 12 hours to sleep, study, meditate or mask unwanted noise/sounds.

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When I was younger, I traveled a lot and stayed in hotels almost more than I stayed at home. I used to tune into channels with white noise or unplug the cable to get the white noise to work. I know, TVs don’t work that way anymore.

Back then, it worked great to block out the noises of people arriving or departing the hotel – I was amazed at how thoughtless people were when in the hallways. It helped me sleep more soundly.

Nowadays, I don’t travel but there still are noises out here in the country that bothers me. A dog barking in the distance or the midnight songs of the mockingbird during mating season. I turned to YouTube for solace. Many of the white noise videos are too bright or have pops or clicks in the splices. Sometimes they are just not long enough so I made my own.

I’ve been experimenting with different tones and this one is my favorite so far. I’ve slept to it many times and I hope you will enjoy it too.

Thanks for reading and listening. I’ll be posting more.

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