Not so Happy with Skyebrowse

SkyeBrowse 1st model

Recently, the Pilot Institute featured a company called SkyeBrowse. SkyeBrowse has a platform that allows you to create a 3D model of a crime scene or other investigation area simply by taking a video of the area. I got excited because I trust the Pilot Institute, so excited in fact that I mentioned the capability to the local sheriff when he was having lunch at our restaurant. Oops.

I tried to sign up for several weeks and kept getting an error. I wrote to them but never heard back. I waited a few weeks and tried again and got in. I watched all the tutorials and I was ready to go. I packed the wife and headed to our makeshift crime scene only to not be able to connect to the software.

I wrote to SkyeBrowse and was informed (by the CEO himself) that a recent firmware update was causing the issue. I waited a few days, received another firmware update and was able to connect. From there, I documented the process in a YouTube video… the rest of the story is there.

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