Anti Collision Light for Part 107 Commercial Drone Operations

In an effort to be in compliance with night-time drone operations, I purchased an anti-collision light. I was less than pleased with my choice.

Regarding the “Firehouse Technology ARC V Drone Strobe Anti-Collision Light, 1000 Lumens, White

As part of “gearing up” to be a commercial drone pilot, and to be in compliance with Part 107 and flying at night, I purchased the above-mentioned anti-collision light. I knew right off that I was not happy because the button was loose and didn’t always work. I contacted the seller (Adorama) and was granted permission to return it.

I sent it back – and I do NOT recommend this product.

I purchased the VIFLY Drone Strobe Light, Anti Collision Light and my first impressions were mixed but at least the on/off button works and there are other colors besides white!

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