Here is ANOTHER blog setup!

I’ve been “blogging” since the 1990s and have used everything from hand-posted blogs to, blogger, WordPress and all points in between. I stopped blogging for the past few years as life has been a little topsy-turvy.

For the past year, I have been studying to get back into blogging — sharing my experiences and ideas with the people who care to read. After coding my own blog and looking at available resources, I’ve decided that WordPress is the way to go.

At first, I considered a package — heck, I even recommended it to a friend last week — but since I have a huge hosting foundation, I decided that I would install and maintain my own deployment of WordPress.

Why WordPress?
I chose WordPress because it is, by far, the most popular, robust and extended blogging/sharing platform available today. I’ve avoided it in the past due to security concerns and the fact I really never learned PHP (coding language). I have “grown out of” the need to hand code everything myself and am more interested in a convenient and flexible platform from which I can share my thoughts, skills, and experience.

This site,, will simply be a place I use to test, edit and experiment for the SEVERAL other blogs I have coming soon. I will establish a protocol and checklist for standardization, upload, backups, and script testing. This site — if made public — will be nothing more than a testing platform that I intend to break and fix over and over again. I plan to have more refined technical postings on a sub-blog on another website.