Locked Down St. Paddy’s Day

So here we are, on self-imposed lockdown (meaning we are going out as little as possible). Perhaps not all that self-imposed because everything in the Old Pueblo is closed anyway. Short Costco and Walmart trips yesterday revealed this town has lost its collective mind. We witnessed our first rationing yesterday too… and yes… it was toilet paper at Walmart (one each). The employee said there were fights over it earlier in the day.

Since I have a policy of always having a back-up for everything from toothpaste to foodstuff, we are in great shape for at least 90 days. Well, sep for the milk, eggs, and tequila… no worries… we’ll make quick sorties when required. 

Speaking of backups, I even have 3 corned beef’s in the fridge, so even our dinner plans for tomorrow are all set.

I’ve been watching the pandemic closely, following numerous news sources (noticing the different reporting styles). I’ve been watching the stock market as well. My conclusion is that we should be more concerned about the incredibly high amount of fear, more than getting infected by some virus. It’s the fear that has people selling stock and buying way too much toilet paper. It’s the fear that has increased the level of negative energy to proportions I have never felt before. Even after 9/11, I did not perceive the amount of fear and self-preservation that I have this week.

This too shall pass and we will recover from it – though many people won’t have to buy toilet paper for a very long time. Speaking of time, I think there will be a long recovery from all of this. BUT, not too long. I expect that by the time the toilet paper hoarders have depleted their supply, this will all be over and life will have resumed some sense of normalcy… well… that is if you can define what we consider normal, normal.

If only this crisis could find a way to bring us together as a community, as a nation, as a species, then maybe it’s worth it.