Friday the 13th Full Moon post

It’s Friday the 13th and there will be a full moon!

Full Moon
Yeah, I took that!

I do find myself very thoughtful and somewhat eager to start a new adventure. Is it the moon? Is it my age? Is it something or just in my mind?? I don’t know, but something is stirring in me to make some changes and accept some challenges!

I will be changing the layout of this blog… actually, I am going to rebrand it all together next week. It will be more about me – of course – but will also be about my life companion of 3 + decades!! It will be called Carrie & David. I haven’t registered the domain name yet but this domain will be redirected there anyway.

So that’s about it for this blog. The new site will include travel, life, photos, videos, and what it’s like when two lifelong best friends grow old together whilst still enjoying life, new adventures, and new experiences together.

Yes, there will be a separate one where I will share our culinary journey too.