I Canceled AT&T DirecTV

So I decided to cancel DirecTV after at least 15 years because the service had become a financial burden, their equipment stunk – especially the remotes – and I grew tired of having to scroll through so many shopping channels.

Cost: Channels alone was $110.48 which included a “regional sports fee.” Then the equipment with the protection plan was another $50.99. With $1.22 sales tax, my LAST bill was $162.69

UPDATE: I failed to mention how easy it was to cancel. I had read a number of horrific experiences that people had with the “retention department.” So I had a plan, I would simply say that we were canceling for religious reasons. I called the number, and the nice AT&T dude took care of the cancelation quickly, politely and never even asked why I was canceling. Less than 10 minutes in total. I dreaded that call for weeks and all for nothing.

I don’t watch much more than sports, food channels and some sci-fi shows. I vowed off the news years ago and my life is much more peaceful.

I spent the last 3 or 4 months reviewing my options from cable to streaming services and I chose YouTube TV. They have the best selection of channels and include Fox Sports AZ (and San Diego), ESPN, MLB, among others. We are huge fans of Diamondbacks baseball and FSAZ airs all of their games. WOOT! 

In Tucson, YouTube TV includes all of our local network stations. It also includes all of the major cable news channels.

All this for only $53.04.

I was a little concerned about our internet service because it tops out at 20mps – and after I get the TV upstairs hooked up, I may have to upgrade my DSL – but when I do, it will be cheaper and faster.

Sure, I had to give up a few things, and the resolution doesn’t seem as HD as before, but for +$1,200.00 per year in savings… I think I’ll live.