VRBO San Diego : Baywatch Bungalow

Our first trip in many years takes us to San Diego and nice little studio Vacation Rental By Owner (VRBO). We love VRBO’s because they usually come with a kitchen and they are much less fussy than a resort or hotel. We love to get out and see things, but we also like to relax, cook for ourselves and enjoy the privacy (intimacy) of our own little home away from home.

The Baywatch Bungalow was great. Even though it is a studio, it’s very spacious. The owners are very accommodating and the place is well equipped. The location is amazing! Right in the middle of everything but still in a nice quiet neighborhood. The price is right for this little gem. https://www.vrbo.com/1188423

WordPress user, admin, and host

Since it appears that I am becoming a WordPress user, admin, and host, I am trying to establish a workflow for starting a new WordPress site on my servers. There are features/plugins that all sites should have.

They are

A Theme
Whether it be free or paid for, all WordPress sites require a theme to present the content. For this site (more personal than anything), I have chosen a paid-for theme called “ContentBerg” which utilizes the Guttenberg features. It has many of the tools cooked into the theme so I don’t have to add those features individually. There is a bit of a learning curve to each theme, it just takes time and practice to get to know the ins and outs of each theme.

All web publishers want to know how famous they are. A good web publisher wants to know a lot more such as where traffic is coming from, what pages are most/least popular, and even demographics, user platforms and more. I will be utilizing the tried and true Google Analytics for my sites.

All (okay most) web publishers would like to be famous, but everyone I know, want to make money from their efforts. With a starting blog like this one, the easiest way to generate revenue is to use an existing Google Adsense account. As the site grows, I can add affiliate links and direct-sold ads, but for now, especially for this site, I am not anticipating a large amount of traffic and so… not much revenue.

Back up and recovery plan
In the past (since 1995), I have always published locally and then transferred the articles and files manually to the online server. This has been my way of protecting myself from hackers (yes, I’ve had sites hacked through shared hosting issues) and also from the sudden disappearance of a hosting company (yes, I’ve had that happen twice over the last 20+ years).

With WordPress websites, there is the added complexity of the relational database which is near impossible to host locally and mirror live. I’m sure there are ways to do this but it is not my intent to create a handshake schema between local and live content. I will copy all files to a backup location and will back up the database at set intervals just in case of the worst.

I have yet to develop and establish my disaster protection and recovery plan for WordPress websites, but suffice to say that the files and database/s will be stored locally on a schedule and a written recovery checklist will be printed.

(Future link to disaster protection and recovery plan for WordPress websites here.)

More to come… I have to get the August issue finished now.

FranTech Section

I have added a section of my personal blog called “FranTech.” It’s basically my name, Francis and the word technical. It also has a playful connotation as frantic which is how I develop websites, magazines, videos, etc., so it’s appropriate.

The idea is to have a section devoted to techno-babble related posts and videos that may be of use to people interested in that sort of stuff. I will likely have subcategories to this section such as video editing, HTML, CSS, website hosting and much much more.