ColorMag “free” WordPress Theme a NO GO

ColorMag free theme by ThemeGrill screen shot

I’ve spent a few hours today (Sunday, May 26, 2019) installing and configuring the free ColorMag WordPress theme only to discover that I cannot add a top banner AdSense block to monetize the site.

I liked everything I saw about the theme, especially the categories since I hope to diversify this site in many ways. But my brief experience with the theme reveals that any effort to place advertisements is not possible, at least not without editing the files directly. Editing files is problematic because if (when) there is an update to the theme, any manual modifications are overwritten by the update. I’ve already experienced that with the default.

Oh well… live and learn! It’s possible that many of the free themes available will limit my ability to monetize, which I guess makes sense.

HP Computer: Windows 10 Won’t Boot

Image by Rusty Gouveia from Pixabay

The morning after Cinco de Mayo in Tucson Arizona can be haunted by a hangover due to the excessive revelry the day before, but this Seis de Mayo had its own kind of headache.

“Honey, my computer won’t turn on.”

Oh boy!

Okay – the symptom on our 6-month-old HP, Windows 10 Pro computer is, we get the HP logo and spinning guy, then nothing. I tried safe mode (F8), nothing. I checked the BIOS (F10) – seemed to be fine. I even unplugged the USB printer, nothing.

What the heck? Review; the computer is working properly, but once it tried to access the hard drive where Windows resides, it fails. Bummer!

So I began to download a Windows boot disk onto and USB thumb drive so I could bypass the hard drive and attempt to resuscitate this computer from another source. While it was downloading and configuring, (4+ gigabytes of system data), I decided to “wiggle the wires.”

Wiggle the wires? With the computer turned off, I removed the side panel of the CPU case and simply wiggled the wire bundle where it attaches to the hard drive, and where it attaches to the motherboard, turned it on and everything was hunky-dory.

I know this is a short solution to what felt like a big problem, but sometimes you just have to consider the potential for mechanical/electrical failure. Like hitting the top of a TV to fix reception in the old days, a little wiggle-wiggle-wiggle of the wires did the trick.

This did bring up an important flaw in our IT management. We both upgraded our computers this past year. We have been running both our originals side by side (with remote desktop) to help the migration process, but I never set up a recovery plan. Sure, I have a data backup plan in place, but not a whole system recovery plan. That’s about to change.

This week, whilst I finish up on a few videos, create three new websites, start my exercise program and film some new videos, I will also be updating our information systems recovery and backup policy and procedure. (ISRABPP?) Now, where did I put those 5 extra hours per day, and 3 extra days of the week?

This is a good place to mention the creation of a new section of our personal blog/channel. I will call it “FranTech,” and it will be a place I share my experience relating to technology of all sorts. From simple computer problems to setting up entire websites, home networks, and even hard learned software tips, tricks, and techniques, I will share what I can, as often as I can.

So be on the lookout for what could be considered, boring, but useful to some, postings.