Video ¿Hobby?

For the past year or so, I have been studying video production. I guess I have always had an interest in video, but never really nurtured the desire. I made a wedding video for some dear friends years ago, as well as some fun videos using Microsoft Windows Movie Maker (c2000).

As a magazine publisher, web developer and all ’round creative guy, I have the Adobe Creative Cloud software subscription which includes many creative programs for one low monthly price. I already use PhotoShop, InDesign, Bridge, and Illustrator on a regular basis, but this creative cloud comes with high powered video production software, PremierePro, professional audio software, Audition, and even a great motion graphics program called AfterEffects. The learning curve has been steep — to say the least — but with a little help from YouTube and a lot of practice, I’ve been able to create a few ‘fair’ videos.

From “hobby” to “passion” to “professional.”

Since I’m still a magazine publisher — albeit digital now — I’ve decided to make videos for the magazine. It will help the publication as well as allow me to nurture my videographer skillset. From virtual reality 360° videos and short videos about local area attractions, I will be able to produce content that will attract readers, sponsors, and revenue. I will also be producing regular cooking videos on another channel as well. I’m excited — but this little hobby of mine ain’t cheap.

I’ll get into the equipment and software I use someday, but as a budding video creator, I’ve made the intentional decision to keep things as affordable as possible. I did upgrade my PC, it was time, which was significant. I found that gaming PC’s have the processor speeds as well as the video cards to support editing, rendering and publishing motion video. Of course, I have my eyes on new and bigger computers (>$10,000), but for now, I have what I need.

ALSO… besides the computer, I need camera/s. I’ve invested in a great GoPro Fusion for the 360° camera and also a new Canon PowerShot, but I’ve decided to use my cell phone (with a gimbal) instead of investing in a great DSLR — for now.

Since I needed the computer for the magazine website, I don’t count that as part of my video hobby expenditure. I have purchased a sound recorder, an action camera (cheap GoPro), the 360° GoPro (ouch), the PowerShot, a gimbal, some accessories and that will do me for now. I have decided not to invest any more significant money* until I publish several quality videos and know this is something that can hold my attention.

*Significant money = $5,000 per camera X 3 studio cameras, plus professional lighting, sound, mixing, computing, storage etc. Budget, $30,000 to $130,000.

Even as I write this, I am rendering dozens of 360° videos (63) from the first day of filming at the Sonoran Desert Museum, as well as 83 photos and 26 1080p videos. That project will include a 360 video as well as a HD video about one of Tucson’s most popular attractions. We are scheduled to return tomorrow to finish up a few more locations as well as a few hours of “b-roll” (filler video) and sound capture work.

I’m not sure where I will be journalling my video making exploits, but I plan to do it somewhere… if I do, I’ll post a link here.